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🌊 India’s First Underwater Metro clocks 7.5 lakh+ commuters within the first two weeks of launch! 🚇

India's First Underwater Metro in Kolkata
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Kolkata, April 4, 2024: In a groundbreaking achievement, India’s first underwater metro in Kolkata has taken the nation by storm! 🌟

Between March 15 and March 31, Howrah station saw a peak of 3.15 lakh passengers, while Howrah Maidan station saw 2.55 lakh, according to Kolkata Metro Chief Public Relations Officer Kausik Mitra.

🔵 520 Meters Below the Hooghly River 🔵 Imagine gliding through the murky depths of the Hooghly River, 12 storeys beneath its surface. That’s precisely what commuters are experiencing on Kolkata’s East-West Metro corridor. This 520-meter underwater stretch connects Howrah to Esplanade, and it’s nothing short of an engineering marvel. 🚄💧

🔴 Deepest Metro Station in India 🔴 The Howrah Metro station, nestled beneath the riverbed, holds the title of India’s deepest metro station. Descending 30 meters below the water level, it’s a subterranean wonder that defies convention. 🌊🚇

🟢 Fast Facts 🟢

🔑 Safety First: After six years of meticulous preparation, the twin tunnels are finally operational. Rigorous safety checks ensure a watertight journey. Not a single drop of water infiltrates these tunnels, thanks to hydrophilic gaskets and robust construction. 🛡️

🌐 Global Comparison: Kolkata’s underwater metro joins the ranks of London’s ‘Underground’ and Paris Metro, venturing beneath the Thames and the Seine, respectively. India now boasts its own aquatic transit legacy! 🌎

🎉 Citizens Dive In: Citizens are flocking to experience this historic ride. From early morning to late evening, Kolkata’s underwater metro is the talk of the town. 🙌

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